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It's time! We are starting preparations for the 13th edition of the Happy Bus project!

Happy Bus in a nutshell

Happy Bus is a holiday project dedicated to children from small towns. Its main goal is to eliminate differences in access to creative education and entertainment in free time from school, between children from smaller and larger towns.

Over 100,000 happy children, hundreds of committed volunteers from Poland and abroad, over 200 visited towns all over Poland – these are the effects of the Happy Bus project organized by us so far. The originator of this action is Aleksander Kartasiński, President of the Happy Kids Foundation, who in 2010 noticed the need to organize free time for children from small towns and villages.

Preparations for Happy Bus 2023​

Its 13th edition starts this year! The main goal is to provide unforgettable holidays and equal opportunities for the development of the youngest in Poland, regardless of where they live. At each of the stops, children will be able to use specially prepared attractions for free, including sports competitions, colorful braids, water and glitter tattoos, face painting, creating bracelets or pompoms, inflatables, mega blocks, games and animations, and finally our unique buses, the interiors of which are converted into mobile playgrounds.

Action goals

  1. Ensuring equal access to play for all children, regardless of their place of residence, economic status, mental and physical condition.
  2. Encouraging children to spend time outdoors and integrate with each other.
  3. Enabling children to learn about other cultures, teaching them tolerance and acceptance of differences between people.
  4. Popularization of knowledge about foster care.
  5. Promotion of sport, culture and health (including first aid training)

Volunteers from all over the world

The children are looked after by a team of volunteers from Poland and abroad, who additionally organize thematic workshops, sports competitions, animations, games, English lessons and first aid training for children.

So far, among the volunteers, we have hosted people from all over the world, including from Pakistan, Italy, China, Algeria, Turkey and Greece. The national and cultural diversity in the teams enables children to learn about the world without having to make expensive and not always possible travels.

In addition, the charges of the Happy Kids Foundation apply for volunteering.

Happy Bus volunteers are of different ages - from 16 to 66, which breaks all stereotypes and shows that these age differences do not really matter, what counts is the approach and sensitivity of the other person. We are extremely happy when we see that this sensitivity is naturally taken over by our charges and they spontaneously engage in the action as volunteers. They feel needed, they want to help, it can be said that this creates a real chain of good.

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