Happy Bus


Happy Bus is a summer project aiming at providing children from rural areas with creative leisure activities during school break.

Unfortunately vacation from work is shorter than vacation from school, and even if the parents would like to stay home with their kids, they have to go do their job. Children usually stay alone and it’s not rare that they spend most of the time by a computer screen or a TV. It makes all the days seem completely boring and alike – but should summertime not be full of adventures and new experiences?

Happy Bus is supposed to be a solution to this problem. We want to give children who stay at home a reason to go out – we want them to join our outdoor activities, we want them to self-improve, to discover the world and at the same time have some great fun.

For this exact reason we are proudly working on conducting the 12th edition of the project in the summer of 2022.

The attractions we offer include animations and games, both for younger and older participants. Sports, face painting, creating unique acessories – these are only a little part of what we’re doing in the villages with kids. Moreover we have equipment that consists of bouncy castles, sledges, trampolines and most importantly the bus with a built-in playground.

Initiative's aims

  • Providing children with care and fun
  • Enabling them to spend their leisure time in a creative way
  • Multicultural integration – possibility to effortlesly grasp English
  • Promotion of sports and physical activities
  • Spreading knowledge about first aid
  • Teaching good practices on environmental protection
  • Integration of the local communities
  • Popularising the idea of foster care


Happy Bus is a summer project of the association Happy Kids, which takes part every year since 2010. Until 2021 Happy Bus visited 131 villages and altogether reached a total of 80.000 children from all over Poland.

Participation in the project is completely free. Kids who join us are being taken care of by our team of volunteers. Lots of them (most recruited by AIESEC association) come from abroad.

During all these years we’ve had volunteers from all over the world – Greece, Turkey, Spain, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Brasil, Egipt, Thailand and many, many more.

How to join us?

Volunteers from Poland

All necessary info can be found here.

Volunteers from abroad

Please, fill the application form below.

Communities, institutions

Contact us at biuro@happykids.ngo or call us – we’ll send you an offer and talk about conditions of cooperation.


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